Who I am

I am an entrepreneur and founder of SustainableSanti that is committed to develop sustainable practices in diverse industries.  I believe that good leadership means recognising and driving new ideas that connect communities, economies, and values. I am convinced that the power of those ideas, when incorporated correctly and shaped into cultural values, will bring best practices towards a transition to more sustainable and resilient communities around the world.

I am part of the Full Footprint organization think tank. I do independent research in topics such as Circular Economy, Social & Environmental  Justice and Urban Resilience & Sustainability among others.

I am an Anthropologist, Environmental Engineer and MSc in Sustainable Urban Management that loves to travel, meet new people, and listen to different world views to understand the beautiful complexity of humanity.

You can check my portfolio of services that go from Life Cycle Assessments to Workshops in different topics related to sustainability. Go to www.sustainablesanti.com and get more details.