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Circular Economy

“The Circular economy offers an opportunity to reinvent our economy, making it more sustainable and competitive. This will bring benefits for European businesses, industries, and citizens alike.”                      -Environment Directorate General of the European Commission-

This a space where you can find selected news about Circular Economy around the world I have curated from different sources. All the information here is open to the public.


In this section you can find information about our natural, cultural, urban, social and political environment. You may find this section very interesting as I try to get my favorite articles and tools that make me understand different geopolitical perspectives about our relationship with our environment.

Politics and policies

We’re living in scary times in many places around the world. This is the section that it’s worth to look at if you want to know whats happening in terms of politics of climate change, sustainable development, urban sustainability & resilience and other topics. Not all the news are bad, there are amazing things happening all over the world, I will try to make a good mix.


The latest inventions, gadgets, ideas and other interesting stuff that I encounter all over the internet will be here. From architecture and design to biomimicry and nano technology, you will have the chance of catching up with what new technologies can do for making our places more sustainable and resilient.


In this space you will find all kind of events, from films projections to conferences and talks related to climate change, environmental & social justice, circular economy, social entrepreneurship, culture and environmentalism, among many other topics. As a disclaimer, I am currently living in Toronto, so you may see events happening around this latitudes more than in other places. If you know of an event and want to put it out here, please contact me and I will make it happen.


If I get to know about volunteering opportunities, jobs, campaigns, scholarships and all those kind of things, I will make my best to put them in this section. I promise I will keep it updated, but there is just too many things happening around.