An App that shows you what life will be like when the world’s ice melts

22 April 2017

When our persistent carbon output melts all the ice on Earth, the seas will rise over 230 feet and cover the whole Atlantic seaboard, and make islands out of the hills around San Francisco. The Caribbean will disappear.

This is daunting to contemplate, but it’s far off, and, from where we sit, it remains theoretical. But a new app, created by the New York-based artist Justin Guariglia, brings this eventuality firmly into the present day. Called After Ice, the app detects your location and allows you to visualize the effects of climate change through augmented reality by overlaying an image of yourself in your current environment with water-level projections.

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We’re One Step Closer To Wearing Clothing Made From Poop

10 April 2017

On April 6, the H&M Foundation tapped five fashion innovators for its Global Change Award, a roughly $1.06 million prize celebrating sustainability through “game-changing ideas that can help reinvent the entire industry.”

One of those winners, Dutch artist and entrepreneur Jalila Essaidi, makes a textile jokingly referred to as “manure couture.” And yes, it’s exactly what you think it is.

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Renault opens an Innovation Lab in Paris devoted to the future of mobility

Renault Open Innovation Lab – Le Square aims to define new ways of working and to explore the future of mobility by opening up the company’s boundaries and encouraging cooperation around new kinds of business organisation with actors from the French ecosystem. The lab has been designed as a truly experimental laboratory, open to its business environment and close to the Renault and Renault-Nissan Alliance teams to make the proliferation of ideas easier. Managed jointly by Renault’s internal teams and external partners working towards a common goal, it will help to reinforce the innovation strategy of Renault and the Alliance.

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The possibility of flying on an electric plane by 2020 got real

6 April 2017  – USA –


On March 5th Zunum Aero, a Seattle-based startup unveiled its plans for 10- to 50-seat hybrid and electric planes that could transform the industry by the early 2020s—slashing ticket prices and reducing travel time.

Zunum, backed by JetBlue Technology Ventures and Boeing’s new HorizonX innovation venture fund, thinks the key to unlocking the potential of the short-haul aviation sector lies in the nation’s 5,000 regional airports. These underutilized airstrips could do a better job than the 136 hub airports that currently serve the vast majority of commercial air traffic to get millions of passengers closer to their destinations.

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